‍‍‍Finally, We ‍‍‍set up Breakaway SafeGate system throughout your event so fans can exit with ease.

After studying the assessment, we eliminate choke points for your fans, staff, and talent.

‍‍‍Resolve Choke Po‍‍‍ints‍‍‍

Deploy Breakaway‍‍‍

‍‍‍We provide a complimentary fence plan to determine any vulnerabilities. We partner‍‍‍ with Advance Security Teams to make sure every angle is covered.

‍‍‍Fence Plan Risk ‍‍‍Assessment

Emergency‍‍‍ exits for outdoor entertainment venues

An exit that enhance‍‍‍s the fan experience. Breakaway's Patent Pending SafeGate plugs into your existing fence plans to keep bad guys out and provides guests a way out of the show at the end of the concert, due to weather, or emergency.

Protect Your Fans

Are you concerned about your fans security? Want to give your fans an awesome experience? Did you know you could accomplish both and not bust the budget?

We can help and we have a 3-step BreakAway plan to ‍‍‍make it happen.

‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍Learn more by downloading our free overview.‍‍‍

Increase Security and Improve‍‍‍ Mobility with BreakAway Fencing.

Perimeter Control

Plug Breakaway into existing fence structure so fans can exit with ease.

Backstage Routes

Eliminate traffic jams. Keep your top talent happy and safe with Pre-Planned Backstage Routes.

VIP Areas

No more mazes. Way more memories. Breakaway's SafeGate makes it easy to get large groups in and out quickly.

3 Ways to Use Breakaway Fencing

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3-Step Breakaway Plan